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SocialStudies Gr 7: 8(A)
Instructor: Coleman-Void, Deborah   
SC Science and Social Studies PASS Test
Students will be taking the SC PASS Science and Social Studies Test online starting on May 11, 2016.
Greetings Parents and Students,
We have completed Chapter 5 and now we are moving into Chapter 6 Imperialism and World War I. Students are working on a "Jigsaw" activity, whereas, students work together to become experts on a section of the lesson to present to the class. In other words, students are teaching students.
Homework will be assigned periodically throughout the Chapter.
Happy New Year
Greetings Parents & Students,
Thank you for all the hard work and effort put into completing your industry project. They were all amazing!
Today we have completed the content of Chapter 5 Lesson 5. Students will have a test on Thursday, January 14th. A study guide has been given to each student. During this week, we will complete end of Chapter Industrialism activities, while also going over the study guide key points.
Thanks for all you do!
Week of October 12-16, 2015
Parents and Students,
We are finishing up "Age of Reason" (The Scientific Revolution & The Enlightenment" Period).
Students will complete Chapter 4 Assessment by Thursday. They will be able to use the textbook.
Week of Sept. 28-Oct. 2, 2015
Greetings Parents and Students,
We are now entering the Unit 2 "Age of Reason." We will start Chapter 4 "The Scientific Revolution and the Enlightenment, (1500-1800).
Please encourage your child to read ahead and become familiar with the Chapter.

Thanks for all you do
Chapter 3 Lesson 1 Test Friday, Sept. 4th
Students need to study their "Study Guide" daily. Chapter 3 Lesson 1 Test is Friday, Sept. 4th.
Welcome to Social Studies
Greetings Parents & Students,
It is indeed a pleasure to have your child in my Social Studies Class. This nine weeks we will be studying "Exploration & Map Skills as well as "Age of Reason."
Our first lessons come from Chapter 3. We are finishing up Lesson One, pg. 51-64.
We are striving for a successful year in 7th Grade "World History" this year.
Thanks for all you do!
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